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Flávia Maciel N°16
João Boaventura N°22
Leonardo Federmann N°23
Leonardo Cervenka N°24
Vinícius Furlan N°40
2° year B

Teacher: Mrs. Hugo Pita Lisman
Colégio Salesiano Santa Teresinha

This school job was developed aiming approach and think about one of Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle's story: The Speckled band, a Sherlock Holmes' adventure.
Everybody in the world have heard something about Sherlock Holmes, one of the most important heros of British Literature. He's, certainly, the best character criated by Sir. Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes: A review of the entire series

I've read other books of the character Sherlock Holmes.  And I say, Watson is not small and Sherlock Holmes is not as peaceful as it seems, as he does not wear a hat hunter. The real Sherlock Holmes is a genius, addicted and an excellent fencer.  Most critics condemned the view used in the recent movie. Looks like they have never read any original work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

They say that Sherlock Holmes is always accompanied by his little partner, Watson, where he is just an assistant. Sherlock Holmes only uses logic to solve crimes that have never had supernatural influences.  Oops, it seems that some critics of several famous magazines still need a deep knowledge of something before talking about.

The first book of Sherlock Holmes is a novel titled "A Study in Scarlet," where there is several trivia about the main character. These include the fact that he was an expert in fencing and is addicted to marijuana, not to mention the fact that Dr. Watson be taller than your contractor and future friend. And also forgot that one of his most challenging cases, "The Hound of Baskerville", has a strong influence of the supernatural. The media itself was caught in an illusion that made them ignorant of the true bond that was eventually established between Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

In "The Speckled Band," Conan Doyle tells a more casual case of SH had to deal with a seemingly inexplicable mystery that could be resolved only after a deep analysis of the setting and some research related to the information given by the contractor. At various times, the friendship between Holmes and Watson becomes evident, as when Holmes asks Watson to accompany you really want, because it can be dangerous.

The conclusion is that both the book, as the novels, are misunderstood by most people and the media. Remember that no one should doubt the Englishman who made the film (former husband of Madonna). He is English, and then it must be one of those who know most about a character that is a symbol of his own county.  

Pay close attention to everything you read. Much of the media believes he can say things that do not understand anything and did not even search for to know if they are passing the correct information.

Other adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A study in scarlet
The first Sherlock Holmes' adventure. It's in this story that he mets his old friend and companion, Watson, who will stay in his side during all his exploits.
In this book, the police ask Holmes to help it in a strange and misterious case: a man was found on his house, full of blood, but without any injury. The hero of British Literature must discovery what killed him, and how.
The hero apears just in the first part. In the second part, Doyle tells the public a few of the Old West, in the United States of America (USA).

The sign of four
In this story, a lady, whose name is Marry Morstan, ask Holmes to discovery her father's death reason, who died ten years ago. After four years after his death, she started receiving a pearl for year, but she didn't know who was sending that.
After six years receiving pearls, a person (the one who was sending the jewels) plans a date, and tells her this plan.
The girl, with fear, ask Holmes some help to see if she can go to the date in security.

The hound of the Baskervilles
The most exciting adventure of Holmes. It tells the story of an English family, The Baskervilles, and a diabolical dog. In XVII century, more or less, Hugo Baskerville was murdered by this monster, which has fire on the eyes and the mouth. So, the legend was criated: that this beast, since Hugo Baskerville's death, haunts the family.
Chrles Baskerville, the youngest man of the family, died in the same way. His friend, Dr. Mortimer, asks Sherlock Holmes to sove the Baskerville's beast case, and to save the new dweller of the house: Sir. Henry Baskerville, Charles' nephew.

The valley of fear
It's a story of a man whose face exploded with a shot. Sherlock Holmes analyzes the place, the people and the injuries, and molds a conclusion in the first part of the book. The second part tells the public the circumstances in what the story was inspired.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Biography.

Artur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 in the city og Edingburgh in Scotland. His family was Irish-Catholic and had an important position in the world of art. His father was an important chromicler of his time. His name was Charles, he met a girl, Mary, they had a passion for books and eventually, they had a son, who since childhood was be influenced by his mom and dad to read much, much more than them for he become a prodigious writer. In his early writings, that he made to his mother, he wrote only what he knew of the world that time.
In his childhood his family went through financial problems, and his father was angry that time, and he had just cashing Arthur, that scapes from the pain of the agressions writing texts to his mother telling that they thinking about this and that he was soffering.
In 1886, the year of his graduation in the college, he realized that he was prepared to face the world with the head up, with his sense of humor and his sportsman spirit to never lose. Few yars later he wrote a letter saying that it was good to have a dificult childhood, so he could push himself more in what he did for his mother, unable to make mistakes to not show stupidity in front of his mother, which led to write his first book, The Surgeon of Gaster Fell.
The tradition of his family was that all Doyle's would follow the way of art, until Arthur want to be a doctor, entering in the faculty and getting a major teacher, Dr. Joseph Bell, like his favourite, because it was a master at observation, logic, deduction and diagnostics (These qualities were found in their texts, being used by Sherlock Holmes, the protagonist of his detective texts).
After experimenting this faculty, he finish and gone to exerce the profission in a hospital, but he turned to write texts, now with an air of cience, with more details.
After he wrote the first text, he continues the life of doctor and writer.
Your life from now divided between medicine and books, with two objectives, being a good doctor and being a recognized author.
In 1885 he took the time and married a woman, her name was Louisa Hawkins, he described, her as a friendly and kind".
From 1886 until his death his life became devoted to the books, giving less importance to medicene. At that time he began writing detective novels and texts, with the incoparable Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson.
In 1912 The Speckled Band was released, another of his many works.
Arthur Conan Doyle died on July 7, 1930 and his last words, seconds before he died was "The greatest and most glorious adventure of all" and soon turned to his wife and whispered, "You are wonderful".

That is a part of the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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The story

Helen Stoner and her twin sister, Julia, lived in Calcutta, with their mother, whose husband was an army officer and had died in a war. They were just two when Mrs. Stoner remarriaged, this time, with a doctor: Dr. Roylotts of Stoke Moran, whose family had been once the richest of England. He went to India because of work, where he was very succesful.

Mrs Stoner had quite a lot of money, which became Dr. Roylott's when they marriaged. However, she died after they were back to England, and Helen and Julia went to live in their stepfather's house, where they didn't have many pleasures. Dr. Roylotts had a very agressive temper and they had to do all the housework.

When a man asked Julia to marry him, some days before, she died, but the reason keeps in mistery.

Some minutes before the death, she told Helen that, in the last days, she was listening a whistle in the middle of the night, then she went to the bedroom and, after this, Helen heard a scream.

She ran to the her sister's room and found her twin sister with a white face, speaking: "Helen, it was the Band! The speckled band!"

Julia died in that night, and Helen now was living alone in that house, only with her stepfather.

Two years passed since Julia's misterious death, and an Helen's old friend asked her to marry him.

She accepted it. However, some repairs started to be maden in the west part of the building, and Helen had to sleep on her sister's old bedroom, where she began listening the same whistle Julia described to her, some years ago.

With fear, she calls Sherlock Holmes and his companion, Watson, to solve more one misterious case and save Helen Stoner from a terrible death.

When she goes to Holme's house, some minutes after she tells him and Watson all the story, her stepfather, Dr. Roylott, apears and order Holmes to stay away from his way and house.

However, at night, the detective and his old friend went to Helen's house, without the stepfather's knowledge, to discovery why did Julia die, and what was putting that fear in Helen's hearth.

They decided that Helen would sleep in another room, without Dr. Roylott's knowledge. Sherlock Holmes and Watson would investigate the case, and they realized that there were a ventilator, connecting Helen and her stepfather's room (because Mrs Stoner told them that, when she was alive, Julia, from her room, could smeel the cigarretes in Dr. Roylott's room) and a bell rope in that, near the lady's bed.

Holmes' first conclusion: the stepfather had killed Julia, and he's planning to do the same with the second daughter. But how? How did he kill her? How did he escape from police's radar, without letting any sign of injury on his first victim? Holmes was sure of a thing: he did that through the ventilator and the rope.

Sherlock Holmes had some guesses, and he would try to prove it.

The two detectives started listenning the whistle described by Mrs Stoner. Holmes got near the wall, used his cane and closed the hole of the ventilator. After some seconds, a high cry could be listened. They ran to Dr. Roylott's room and found him dead, in the ground, with a snake.

Bingo! The case was resolved! The doctor had, like Mrs Stoner said, a collection of indian animals, and this includes snakes, very poisonous snakes, whose bite could kill a person in few seconds. Of course the police wouldn't realize that, the bite's mark was very small, almost impossible to see.

The whistle was just a way to manipulate the snake, to comand her to go where the doctor wants.

Dr. Roylott had a important reason to make that crime: if the girls get married, a big part of his money would pass to them, and he would lose a big fortune. And, like Holmes said: "When the doctor becomes a killer, he's the worst one. He has all the knowledge that's necessary to murder".

The "band", cited by Julia before her death, was the snake, used by Dr. Roylott to save his capital.

And so, more one case was resolved by the skillful detective Sherlock Holmes, and his companion Watson.